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  hand held carbon dioxide meter


Hand-Held Carbon Dioxide Meter

Details coming soon.



  mushroom testing probes


Mushroom Testing Probes

Details coming soon.



  phenol red test papers for monitoring the pH changes in cell culture


Phenol Red Test Papers

A solution of phenol red is used as a pH indicator: its color exhibits a gradual transition from yellow to red over the pH range 6.8 to 8.2. Above pH 8.2, phenol red turns a bright pink (fuchsia) color.

The papers contain a pH indicator which helps in monitoring of the pH changes in cell culture. It will change from red to yellow color when the pH value decreases.




  chlorine test papers


Chlorine Test Papers

This paper measures 0-50-100-200 ppm total chlorine, and is packed in a waterproof vial.




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