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  Vent-Fabric, designed to capture bacteria


Vent - Fabric
Designed to capture bacteria

Helps keep dirt, dust and bacteria from getting into air ducts. Use behind or in front of grill vent cover.




  Vent metal, designed to drive air out


Vent - Metal
Designed to drive air out

Allows air to freely flow in and out and channels fresh air to the proper locations.




  indoor and outdoor broom that can handle the toughest jobs


Indoor and Outdoor

This versatile broom’s stiff bristles are extremely durable and can handle the toughest jobs - great for concrete, tile or even rubber surfaces.




  heavy duty shovel


Heavy duty design

Durable steel core shovel can break up packed dirt, ice, and snow, with extra-wide grip for maximum comfort with gloved hands.




  Floor squeegee for easy cleanup


Floor Squeegee
For Easy Cleanup

Professional grade squeegee cleans flat and textured surfaces quickly, and its 60" handle with cushion grip provides comfort to the user.




  large shop broom that quickly cleans flloors


Large Shop Broom
Quickly Cleans Floors

Wide broom head covers large areas fast, and the stiff poly fiber bristles are ideal for cleaning medium textured floors.




  Steamlight Flashlight, a lightweight, high performance flashlight


Streamlight Flashlight
Lightweight, High Performance

Top-rated rechargeable flashlight that delivers peak beam intensity in a compact design.




  small precision knives to meticulously preen, cut and maintain small mushrooms


Small Knives
For Mushroom Caps

Meticulously preen, cut and maintain small mushrooms with these precision knives.




  replacement belts


Replacement Belts

Sizes and more details coming soon.



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